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10 Best 24/7 WordPress Support Services to Manage Your Site

If you want your website to generate leads and increase sales, you must ensure it’s running correctly. Any errors, site unavailability, or security breaches, can cause significant downtime for your website. If things continue to be like this, you may soon lose user traffic, and eventually, all your hard work will be wasted. 

So, what’s the best method to resolve such a situation? How to ensure proper website maintenance to keep your revenues and sales consistent? The answer is 24/7 WordPress maintenance services

A 24/7 WordPress maintenance service is a helpful solution provided by experts who assist you with website maintenance round the clock. From basic tasks like plugin updates to malware removal, these services help you with everything. 

Here are the top 10 best 24/7 WordPress maintenance services that you should use to manage your site:

WP Buffs

WP Buffs is a popular 24/7 WordPress website management and support service provider that ensures digital growth for customers. They offer premium assistance with website edits, weekly updates, website backups, and ongoing security. They deliver 24/7 emergency support and speed optimization for emergencies and efficient website performance. 

WP Buffs plans include plugins and industry-leading coverage. While some programs focus on your client base (designed for agencies and freelancers), some are for your website (for small businesses, website owners, and startups). 


WPNinjas is a one-stop solution for WordPress website customization, maintenance and ongoing improvement in a hassle-free manner. WPNinjas offer high-end white-label WordPress support with excellent outcomes at reasonable pricing.

You’ll get fully custom WordPress development with 24X7 support for backups, website updates and other issues. You get access to premium security features and speed optimization that is critical for your site’s overall performance. WPNinjas keeps an eye on your website and sends alerts if it goes down. So, your business won’t face any downtime. In case of any issues, they will get resolved immediately.

WP SiteCare

If you want an all-in-one WordPress maintenance service for your business growth, then WP SiteCare is for you. WP SiteCare comprises a team of experts who can optimize your website and ensure its good performance. They come with superior security standards to keep your website free from online threats and provide a flawlessly running website. 

Their maintenance service covers speed and performance optimization to help your website load faster. It also simplifies WordPress updates and creates a fast and reliable foundation for the website. Not only that, you get world-class customer support (including via phone) whenever you want! 

WP Tech Support

WP Tech Support is trusted by more than 1000 WordPress website owners for fixing, updating, and supporting their websites. Whether you need emergency support or unlimited bug fixes, this support service can help you. 

Like the rest of the service providers on the list, WP Tech Support is available day and night. They can instantly diagnose the issue (any time) and come up with the best strategy to fix it. WP Tech Support also offers support with WordPress updates, offsite backup, SEO optimization, and spam comment cleansing. 

WP Tech Support offers four plans as per your budget and requirement. This includes Standard, Pro, Business, and Advanced. The Advanced level plan provides extensive eCommerce Membership, LMS, and websites for cutting-edge functionality. 

Additionally, you get a secure customer portal for submitting support tickets, managing accounts, and viewing weekly reports. 


FixRunner is a feature-rich WordPress maintenance service provider that can take your website to the next level. Their WordPress helps with personal website support, speed optimization, cloud backups, uptime monitoring, and secure updates. Besides that, you can also opt for their one-time fix, where you need to explain the issue, get it troubleshot, and pay for the results. 

FixRunner can work to improve your website security and performance and get the best out of your investment. They also provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for their services. This means they will refund your payment without questions if you are unhappy with them. 

WP Curve

If you do not want to contract a new developer for every little tweak, then WP Curve is the one to choose. WP Curve works as an on-demand help-desk for your website that can handle all the website issues. In short, they empower business owners to grow their businesses hassle-free. 

WP Curve has even introduced proactive suggestions for weekly improvements to the website. Whether it’s the initial site review, customization, or solving bugs, it provides the best maintenance and support for your website. 

Its plan and pricing are decent, with options like professional and VIP monthly plans. 

WP SitePlan

WP SitePlan service is for those who want WordPress experts to manage, improve, and protect their website comprehensively. Whether you need help with WordPress updates, firewall protection, cloud backups, or malware removal, it’s perfect for all. Also, their services can assist you with uptime monitoring and offer consistent status reports. 

WP SitePlan includes maintenance and security measures daily, weekly, or monthly. They also offer optional add-ons, where they can update your content, make enhancements, and optimize speed. 

WP SitePlan offers three plans, i.e., essential, professional, and enterprise. Out of these plans, the professional goal is ideal for websites that require frequent updates with fast delivery and zero downtime. 


Maintain is another outstanding WordPress support and maintenance service provider that can help you design, develop, and maintain WordPress websites. They offer the best-in-class security, 24/7 monitoring, and updates for WP cores, plugins, and themes. Their other features include offsite backup and quick restoration for the best services. 

The best thing about Maintain is that they use the most reliable WordPress hosting companies, themes, and plugins. So, you will be accessing the solutions that you consider trustworthy. Maintain also offers three plans viz, standard, professional, and enterprise.  

WP Maintainer

WP Maintainer is your one-stop solution for updates, backups, security, and maintenance of the WordPress website. It’s integrated with Sucuri to protect your website from malware or hacking. 

While its features are similar to other support service providers, it allows you to schedule site backups. You can email and download them on your PC as well. 

Some of their other features include free WordPress migration, compatibility support, and discounted development costs. 

WP Agents

WP Agents are an efficient WordPress website maintenance and support service provider who can take care of all your WordPress headaches. They can help you with plugin and theme updates, daily backups, and even content updates (optional). They also offer free SEO audits and adjustments, including performance reporting and SEO keyword rankings. 

One good thing about WP Agent is that both iOS and Android mobile apps are included with the maintenance plans. This means you can convert your website into an app for user convenience. It comes in three WP care plans: basic, standard, and pro. 

WP Tangerine

WP Tangerine is for those who want assistance with both WordPress and WooCommerce websites. They have completed 3000+ projects where they have helped clients with developing, designing, maintaining, and optimizing their websites. 

WP Tangerine also provides emergency care for situations where your website has urgent problems. Their experts will troubleshoot the issues and keep your website maintained and up-to-date. They offer three monthly plans viz, basic, pro, and VIP. 


So, these were the top 10 Best 24/7 WordPress support services to manage your site. We think each service provider is safe, reliable, and reasonable at cost from the above list. 

Have you taken assistance from any of these professionals yet? If not, then it’s time to do so! Go through this list again and get a subscription per your WordPress website support requirement. Trust us; it’s worth it!

Kimberly Morrison

Kimberly Morrison has been the Director of Client Relations at VGROW since 2019. She builds strong customer relationships, drives client retention, and oversees team productivity. Kimberly's approach to customer engagement is key to VGROW's aim of streamlining business processes through virtual assistance services.


Kimberly Morrison

Kimberly Morrison has been the Director of Client Relations at VGROW since 2019. She builds strong customer relationships, drives client retention, and oversees team productivity. Kimberly's approach to customer engagement is key to VGROW's aim of streamlining business processes through virtual assistance services.

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