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WordPress Maintenance Service – Get Your Website Back Online in No Time with the Best!

Ever heard of the saying “time is money”? That is especially true when it comes to your WordPress site’s uptime. This is why you don’t want to skip on WordPress maintenance service and risk having issues, or worse, crashing your website.

Website problems happen even to popular, high-performing websites. Who’s to say it won’t happen to yours? You have to be ready for scenarios like these. It helps to know why this happens and what you can do.

What Are The Most Common Reasons Why Your Website Crashes?

There are several reasons why your website might crash; here are the most common ones:

Plugin Errors

Plugins enhance your website and give it additional features, but sometimes they can cause your whole website to crash. When a plugin is either not well made or hasn’t been updated by the creator, it bugs and brings your website down.

Traffic Surge

This refers to the sudden rise of people trying to visit your website simultaneously. When there’s too much website traffic, it can overwhelm the servers and crash the website.


Some people deliberately target specific websites and cause all sorts of problems to cripple your website. Many types of hacker attacks damage your website, but one of the most common ones is DDoS, which caused outages on Twitter, Spotify, Soundcloud, and other popular websites back in 2016.

Domain Error

Websites sometimes won’t load because of an expired domain subscription. When your domain expires, your website won’t appear online, so always make sure it never expires. Another possible domain issue is when your DNS provider is the one attacked by hackers or has some other type of website problem that causes it to crash. If their system is down, your website will not be accessible as well.

Hosting Error

Websites may also crash when there’s a recent spike in traffic, and there’s not enough hosting space in your plan. This might be the case if your website has had sudden growth recently, which would lead to your website not being able to cater to all your visitors anymore.

The list above is not exhaustive, and there are a lot of other reasons that may cause an outage. More often than not, you won’t be able to figure out these reasons without expert help easily. If they could, your website will probably thank you if you hire a WordPress maintenance company to prevent these scenarios.

WordPress maintenance service providers have the experience, knowledge, and insights to prevent outages and rescue your website if it does happen. But as the website owner, you probably wonder what you can do for your WordPress site as a first response or temporary fix.

What Should You Do If Your Website Is Down?

If you visit your website and find it’s not working, you’ll need an action plan. Even though you’re not a WordPress maintenance expert, some basic problem-solving might help the situation.

When you’ve confirmed that your WordPress website has an actual problem, you can perform basic troubleshooting steps to get an overview of the problem and possibly solve it if it’s something minor. Getting an idea of what’s going on is not bad; you just have to ensure you’re not making the problem worse. Do be careful when trying to troubleshoot on your own.

You can try eliminating possible reasons for the outage by doing the following:

Check your device’s internet connection and clear the cache before assessing the website issue again. It could be a case of a connectivity issue or just a momentary glitch that caused an error. The browser could still be showing a cached error page even though the website is already running.

If that doesn’t work, try to deactivate or remove plugins on your WordPress website. Your WordPress site will stop running the plugins, which could get your website back up and running. After that, reactivate your plugins one by one to find which one is faulty. If you find it, you can permanently remove it to avoid more problems.

For the sake of a good user experience, you can use quick fixes to restore a version of your website without the help of your WordPress maintenance team. But these fixes are not 100% reliable and are only good temporarily since they don’t resolve the actual problem with your site.

You can try restoring a cached version of your website via Google’s cache by going to “http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:https://yoursite.com/”

Don’t forget to replace “yoursite.com” with your website’s actual address. You can then view the source code, copy it, reinstall your WordPress, then paste the code on a new page on your website. Remember, this is unreliable in the long run and does not solve the problem.

You can create a temporary error page so visitors can know what’s going on with your website. You can include a short message and inform them that your WordPress maintenance team is dealing with the issue or put up a status page for the users to view updates, just like what Google did during the August 2020 GSuite outage. Communicate with your visitors and assure them that experts are handling the issue.

So How Do You ACTUALLY Get Your Website Back Online?

It’s time to bring out the big guns. The short answer to this question is to contact your WordPress maintenance service provider.

Your resident WordPress maintenance team is the expert in these kinds of scenarios. With all their experience in mitigating various website issues, this could be just a walk in the park for them.

You just need to reach out to them and let them know of the problem. Website maintenance service companies are equipped to assess your website for problems, identify and resolve them as quickly as possible.

As part of maintenance, they should regularly create a backup of your website. This allows them to quickly restore any part of the website or even the entirety of it when needed. They could also repair broken codes, respond to data breaches, and fight hacker attacks if needed.

There’s no specific set of steps that your WordPress maintenance team can follow to fix the problem. It varies depending on the root cause; it could be one of the common issues listed above or something more complicated. Just let them take the reins.

Remember, a 24/7 WordPress maintenance team might be able to respond to the emergency right away. Still, the amount of time they’ll spend resolving it will also vary depending on the complexity and severity of the issue. So don’t worry too much about it.

You could probably request regular updates as they work on the problem. Have your maintenance team create a status page that visitors can view. That way, you and everyone else will know what’s going on.

What If You Don’t Have A WordPress Maintenance Service Provider?

Now is the best time to hire one.

As you know, you can’t always prevent issues from arising, especially if there’s no one monitoring your website in the first place. Having a WordPress maintenance team on standby means that you have access to emergency assistance anytime.

Your WordPress site is an important asset, especially if you use it for e-commerce or as a selling platform. Website maintenance will help you ensure that your website is always operational.

So start looking for a WordPress maintenance company that suits your needs. Trust that it will be one of the best decisions you can make.


WordPress sites can be prone to outages and problems, especially without proper website maintenance. When a crash occurs, there are troubleshooting steps you can do to assess the situation. Clearing your browser’s cache, removing the plugins from your website, then reinstalling them one by one can help.

But the best course of action is to seek help from the experts: your WordPress maintenance team. Reach out to and have them assess the problem, and let them do their jobs.

Kimberly Morrison

Kimberly Morrison has been the Director of Client Relations at VGROW since 2019. She builds strong customer relationships, drives client retention, and oversees team productivity. Kimberly's approach to customer engagement is key to VGROW's aim of streamlining business processes through virtual assistance services.


Kimberly Morrison

Kimberly Morrison has been the Director of Client Relations at VGROW since 2019. She builds strong customer relationships, drives client retention, and oversees team productivity. Kimberly's approach to customer engagement is key to VGROW's aim of streamlining business processes through virtual assistance services.

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