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6 Steps for Choosing a WordPress Theme That Fits Your Business Needs

There are plenty of WordPress themes available from various WordPress support services providers. New WordPress themes—free and premium—tailored to different websites from WordPress support services are released daily. Themes for videos, blogs, publications, portfolios, and much more! WordPress themes are, in short, plentiful, and the number keeps growing. The subject of how to choose a WordPress theme now arises.

Are there any unique elements or things you should keep in mind? Something you need to be conscious of at all times?

Of course, a great deal depends on your needs. You wouldn’t choose a fashion theme, for example, if you needed a video theme. When deciding on a WordPress theme, there are a few essential components offered by WordPress support services providers that never change.

How to Choose a WordPress Theme?

1. Know Your Needs and Your Budget

You must be conscious of your demands and requirements when you outsource WordPress support services. Determine the type of website you are creating or running before you do anything else. Does it have videos? Is it going to be a straightforward blog? Will there be a ton of images?

After that, you can narrow down your selection to the WordPress theme provided by your WordPress support services that best meet your requirements. There are other issues concerning design. For instance, content-focused websites may benefit from using a specific WordPress theme, while other websites may need additional animations and changes to their visual appeal.

Your budget is also crucial to add. You must decide whether or not you want to invest money before learning how to choose a WordPress theme from your trusted WordPress support services. Don’t follow the advice of numerous people who will tell you that all free themes are awful. A solid free theme follows coding guidelines and is frequently updated, albeit it might not come with premium support.

2. Keep Standards and Quality of the Code in Mind

The performance of your website may suffer from a WordPress theme that your WordPress support services partner has improperly coded. It may cause sluggishness, clog your database with useless data, and even leave it vulnerable to hackers. Choose a theme with your WordPress site maintenance partner that follows the most current coding standards and safer practices.

Isn’t that easier said than done? You cannot proofread the code in every file with the theme package.

There are two ways to do this quickly. First, think about only choosing themes from reputable WordPress support services. Look for theme stores with a solid collection of premium themes that have been around for a while. Select only the free themes that have similarly received a few thousand downloads. You can prevent trash and subpar code in this way.

3. Make Sure There Are Updates and Support

The theme in question should always be supported by a premium WordPress maintenance service if it is a paid or premium product. Such help may be provided through online forums, emails, or tickets. The WordPress maintenance service provider needs to be able to help you if you experience issues with a theme that you paid for.

But the case with free themes is entirely different. It is only suitable that developers refrain from devoting hours to providing WordPress site maintenance support for a free item. However, look at the forums for the specific theme to check if the developer is prompt in answering queries and providing help.

Themes for WordPress should also be updated frequently. Bugs must be patched, and new security patches must be installed, etc. A terrible theme is not frequently updated.

Consider checking a theme’s changelog to determine how often updates are made. It typically offers you a decent idea of how active the theme’s development process is.

4. What Features Do You Need?

It’s unclear exactly what features and capabilities a WordPress theme should or should not have when you opt for white label wordpress support to work on your website’s theme. According to your needs, yes. You probably don’t need that breaking news ticker on the homepage if you don’t run a news website.

But some characteristics are always required! For instance, your WordPress theme must unquestionably be mobile- and responsive-friendly. It’s 2022, and mobile usage has nearly caught up to desktop usage. Your website will suffer if your theme is not responsive.

Additionally, simple customization options (preferably through the WordPress Customizer). You do want to have the opportunity to change the color scheme and homepage, right?

Finally, consider whether you would be better off with a larger multipurpose or a minor specialist theme. The former is a preferable option for websites for small businesses (lawyers, cafes, etc.). At the same time, the latter frequently works well for online businesses.

5. Make Sure It’s Responsive

One definition of responsive theme functions and appears the same on a mobile device as on a desktop.

Without sacrificing functionality or user experience quality, responsive themes will adjust to fit the screen of any visitor’s device to access your website.

A staggering 92.6% of the globe’s 4.66 billion active internet users use the internet through mobile devices. Therefore, you’ll miss out on a lot of potential traffic if your theme isn’t responsive, so you need to plan with your WordPress support services partner.

Every visitor to your website, regardless of how they choose to view it, will have a positive experience thanks to a responsive theme, which significantly increases the likelihood of returning.

A responsive theme is essential for yet another reason. Google declared that it would switch to “mobile-first” indexing in 2019. The search engine will index and rank your website using its mobile version. You won’t have a great chance of showing up in Google’s search results if it isn’t up to par.

6. Select an Item That You Can Customize

Utilizing WordPress maintenance service for your website is fantastic since practically every theme can be altered to look precisely as you want it to.

Ensure the WordPress theme allows you to modify features like the font, colors, photos, layout, and pages.

By personalizing your theme with the help of your WordPress support services partner, you can establish your identity on your website and make sure that all pages use the same colors and design elements.

By selecting a theme that allows for customization, you may also specify exactly which pages your website will have. You can decide that an about page is unnecessary or that your blog page should take center stage. Your WordPress support services partner should be able to construct the navigation layout you desire using a changeable WordPress theme.

In summary

Finally, here is a list of things to avoid doing if you are still unsure about choosing a WordPress theme:

  • Do not search for “excellent wordpress themes” on Google. Or, at the very least, exercise caution. The problem is that you can never be sure which theme suppliers are reliable, and there’s always a chance that the theme could come with malicious code. It’s always wiser to check with your WordPress support services partner and in the official WordPress directory or go to trustworthy theme shops.
  • Ask your WordPress support services team to use another theme if your current one does not let you edit or alter the code files. Regardless of whether you need to modify or alter any code, you should be free to do so.
  • Don’t use the theme’s SEO or security features if available. Choose plugins because they nearly usually perform better in that regard.
  • Use a theme that is compatible with mobile devices alone.
  • Choose a premium theme supported by excellent WordPress site maintenance only.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to start a blog or build a new eCommerce site, choosing a theme for WordPress is essential. Unfortunately, finding the perfect fit isn’t always straightforward. If you don’t choose wisely, your business could suffer.

The wordpress theme has become the most commonly used tool for web development companies around the globe. Nowadays, the number of themes for WordPress is overgrowing. This makes it difficult for developers and designers to select the right one.

Choosing a good-looking and functional WordPress theme is critical. There are lots of things to consider before settling on a particular theme. Thankfully these six steps will help you choose the best WordPress theme for your business.

David Bodiford

David Bodiford has been the Chief Strategy Officer at Vserve Ecommerce. Specializing in business development and strategic planning, David leads initiatives to expand Vserve Ecommerce's market reach, focusing mainly on the B2B sector. His expertise in digital marketing and strategic partnerships is integral to enhancing the agency's ecommerce solutions.


David Bodiford

David Bodiford has been the Chief Strategy Officer at Vserve Ecommerce. Specializing in business development and strategic planning, David leads initiatives to expand Vserve Ecommerce's market reach, focusing mainly on the B2B sector. His expertise in digital marketing and strategic partnerships is integral to enhancing the agency's ecommerce solutions.

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