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6 Common WordPress Projects That Required a Customized Website

Are you looking for ways to improve your WordPress website management skills? Have you ever thought about building a customized website from scratch using WordPress or developing a plugin/theme for other WordPress sites? If yes, read through this blog post and learn important information about each type of project.

There are different types of projects that require custom websites. One is ecommerce, and the other is non-ecommerce such as blogs, portfolios, and personal sites. Depending on the nature of these projects, they can be categorized into several groups.

Nowadays, WordPress can be used to create almost any form of a website. All you need are some materials and an idea. The innovations and options you may incorporate into your design are endless, so we’ll showcase some of the distinctive forms of bespoke websites you can create with WordPress in this post.

1. A Blog

WordPress started as an essential blogging tool and quickly developed into the potent CMS we are familiar with today. Personal websites and blogging components have been there for 16 years and are still strong today.

They’ve gotten more sophisticated and mature. Several tools are available to manage and fast-scale your WordPress site, whether you want to start a blog or personal website.

You must write about your work on your WordPress website if you wish potential prospects could learn more about it. Your blog article will demonstrate your enthusiasm for your job, and you can be sure that the opportunities will sense that they are in capable hands.

Concentrate on producing pertinent material. Like blog about movies sparingly if you own a SaaS business. Create a separate webpage if you genuinely want to blog about a series. Find your area of expertise, then blog about anything relevant to it that your target audience will find interesting.

Customize Your Title

If your title is terrible, readers won’t even read your good blog posts. The initial impression a reader gets of your website is frequently formed by the title, so you must have one that is compelling and will grab their attention. Headlines may either entice readers to read further or repel them. Even if the remainder of your material is excellent, only some of your target audience will likely read it if the title is weak.

Mark each portion of your content with a header. Use H2 headings for the primary parts, and if needed, add additional lower-level headings (H3, H4, etc.). In your posts, you may also use bullet points and numbered lists for short and straightforward issues.

Include Images

Remember to include photographs. Utilize the proverb “a picture is worth a thousand words” to your advantage. Develop aesthetically appealing visuals. Finding free or low-cost pictures is simple, thanks to websites like Unsplash, Big Stock, Pixabay, and PicJumbo. You may further improve photographs using other programs like Photoshop or AdobeXD.

When you upload pictures to your postings, include an alt-text. Search engines are aware of this, and that exact picture may rank higher in search engine image results, increasing traffic to your website. Additionally, if you want your WordPress blog to be accessible to users who use screen readers and speech technologies to traverse the web, you must provide an image alt text.

2. Company Website

WordPress website management makes it simple to create websites for businesses that seem professional. Because of its strength, many well-known companies use WordPress website management services to fuel their online presence.

Before constructing your company website, you must have definite objectives in mind.

It will be a waste of money if you don’t know what you want to accomplish with your company’s WordPress website management. If you don’t know what the aim of a company website is in the first place, you can’t expect it to fulfill that purpose.

When visitors to your website open it, they should know what your company is all about. They must determine whether they are in the proper location and whether your company is a good fit for them. This is why it’s crucial to make your company’s vision and goal explicit.

Keep in mind your call to action. CTAs on your website are advantageous since they push site users to utilize your service or buy your goods.

Include CTAs that will encourage people to purchase your items, join up for your email, learn more about your services, and more.

Possess Powerful Content

  • Strong content may help you stand out from the crowd. Create informative articles, company profiles, and how-to guides that demonstrate your expertise and indicate that your staff is dependable and enthusiastic about the task. The following should be kept in mind while you write content:
  • Don’t use long text paragraphs to overstate your points. Most website visitors will read your pages fast to discover what you have to offer, so don’t overcrowd them with content. Be direct and concise.
  • meld many content genres together. Don’t just stick to texting. Integrate text, graphics, slideshows, and videos to provide fuller content.

3. Website for eCommerce

WordPress has emerged as the best platform for creating eCommerce websites. Amazing WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads may customize your website into an online store.

The following basic features must be included on your eCommerce website:

  • The capacity to provide customers with fluid product browsing.
  • A method for customers to choose goods and add them to shopping carts
  • A secure and open payment system

4. Portfolio Website

Do you want to display your work? With a WordPress portfolio site that features impressive image galleries and sliders, you can easily accomplish it. It is one of the finest strategies to guarantee that people notice your work. A professionally designed portfolio site explains to everyone who you are and what you do. You’ll successfully establish your presence while giving visually appealing examples of your abilities and accomplishments.

A great portfolio website serves as a display of your qualities and expertise.

This doesn’t imply that the website must have a resume-like appearance, but you should aim to keep it easy to use and navigate. Avoid using obtrusive features and typefaces on your portfolio website if you’re not a visual artist or eccentric. Everything on your website should help your task and shouldn’t divert visitors.

5. Web-Based Community

You may create and customize any online community you can think of with WordPress website management. An online community may assist you in differentiating your company from the competition and engaging your target market if you run a business. You may connect with your target audience as a blogger and develop a devoted following.

WordPress is an excellent platform for creating an online community, whether your goals are encouraging others, getting followers, or giving a forum where like-minded people may express their thoughts.

6. Several-Language Website

WordPress may be set up in various languages, and you can create a multilingual website. A website that supports many languages offers readers material, goods, and services. It’s advised to include the native language of the target region on your website if you wish to grow your business in other countries.

When configuring a multilingual WordPress website, you need to be aware of your target audience’s different cultural backgrounds in addition to their preferred languages. Ensure your ideas don’t violate their customs by paying attention to their language and tone.


These are the primary types of websites that WordPress may be used to create. WordPress offers a ton of potential for your personal and business interests, as you have probably already realized.

Managing all the main goals one would have in mind while beginning an online adventure is crucial. These goals might range from business to communities, personal projects, events, media coverage, online stores, and so on. 

We at WPNinjas are eager to help you reach your full potential in customizing your WordPress site. If you want assistance building and customizing your website, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Contact us today to know more!

Anne Davis

Anne Davis, with a 19-year career at Vserve Ebusiness Solutions, currently leads as the Director of Sales and Marketing. Specializing in the eCommerce sector, she focuses on client relations, social media marketing, and email campaigns. Anne is dedicated to driving business growth in the digital space, utilizing her deep understanding of customer needs and market trends.


Anne Davis

Anne Davis, with a 19-year career at Vserve Ebusiness Solutions, currently leads as the Director of Sales and Marketing. Specializing in the eCommerce sector, she focuses on client relations, social media marketing, and email campaigns. Anne is dedicated to driving business growth in the digital space, utilizing her deep understanding of customer needs and market trends.

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